Sunday, June 20, 2010

Will Curlaway work?

I have this product called Curlaway and it is a relaxer that is supposed to straighten my really curly hair without chemicals and I wanted to know if anyone has it, how long it would take for african-american hair like mine to straighten out fully?

Will Curlaway work?

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

if you are having problems with you curly hair try using products from the sites


these sites have products that can work wonders for your curly hair making it more manageable depending on your hair type and its natural.

Trust me I used to straighten my curly hair with relaxers and my hair was manageable but not the same as having it natural as you have the choice (curly/straight). You might want to try curls milkshake to soften the curls, and to straighten the hair try blended-beauty's straightening glaze and/or pearl and use ceramic straighteners this also helps to keep the hair straight for longer.

Check out the sites before you make up you mind.

Also stay away from grease or mineral oil and petroleum (petro-chemicals) there are other grease alternatives if you use these types of products.

Will Curlaway work?

FYI... Curlaway is not the type of relaxer you are thinking of. It doesn't not chemically alter your hair and is COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE. Report It

Will Curlaway work?

dont do it! go to someone professionally it might cost you some extra money but it wont damage you hiar. thy know how to take care of youre hair!

Will Curlaway work?


Will Curlaway work?

If it is a non chemical relaxer you are going to have curly hair after your done using it . That is the same as trying to make someone blond with a glass of milk, not going to happen .

Will Curlaway work?

Why are you asking people who are as clueless as you are? Back in 1994 a product called RIO came out that claimed to be all natural (the spokes person even dipped his hand in it and ate some on the infomercial). People ordered it in droves thinking they could say goodbye to the salon for life. Well, it turned out to be too good to be true. A few months later the lawsuits started popping up when the hair started falling out. I saw one of the models from the infomercial crying hysterically on t.v. as she pulled hands full of hair out of her head with no effort. Her career was ruined because her hair was falling out in clumps. I made a lot of money doing haircuts and giving bi-monthly deep conditioning treatments to RIO victims in 94-95. Leave chemicals to the pros. No such thing a chemical free permanent relaxer

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